Friday, 27 April 2018

Easter Holiday Shenanigans

We had a beautiful and busy Easter holidays. Here's some of what we got up to.

The Boy went to see a Red Bull Formula 1 Car. Cool with a capital C.

Ballet Girl sailed the Solent in a yacht, the TS City of London, with fellow cadets. They were storm bound for two days so they also explored the Isle of Wight including the Needles. She was hoping to achieve her Offshore Hand One but managed to achieve Offshore Hand Two so she came home thoroughly delighted, happy, exhausted and made up!

Monkey Girl sailed to the Channel Islands on the square rig galleon, the TS Royalist. She climbed to the top of the mast to tie the sails, steered the boat, did night-watch, saw a pod of dolphins riding the bow wave, achieved Offshore Hand One and came back sun-kissed, wind-swept and happy.

Panda Girl and The Boy had a brilliant morning training their cousins in the art of spying. Happy Days!

Guitar Practice

Easter Vigils

Following their great grandmother's shepherd's pie recipe.

Receiving cadet qualifications

Birthdays parties

Hanging out with the cousins

The Boy completed a two-part British Cycling Mountain Bike Course. He loved it!

English Heritage with friends

The Boy built a giant nest as part of an activity at the local forest center. 

I was inspired and we (I say we, I mean husband and son) built another one in our garden! 

Panda Girl continues to draw her beautiful drawings.

Panda Girl and The Boy came runners up for their Motte and Bailey from our project last year, in an English Heritage members' competition. They won themselves some vouchers and the Boy bought this with his :) :) :)

My Wonderful Panda Girl spent two nights in a forest as part of her Camp-craft course. Fun!

The Boy asked to go to Bekonscot Model Village for his birthday. I do love him.

He also had a football party :)

I had a birthday too. Getting younger though ;)

Taking the new long-board for a spin.

Sunbaby is walking and bringing sunshine to us all. 

She had her first birthday and was delighted with her candle. :)

My two big girls