Friday, 18 May 2018

A British Garden, Part Four

I took it a little slower this week because Sunbaby had chicken pox and she had a rough old time of it. The kiddies were very good and helped me all week with her. 

We did however...

...make butterfly feeders complete with sugar water for nectar.

We planted wild flower seeds which came in our 'Little Acts of Wildness' pack which I applied for and which arrived this week.

We made tic tac toe for the garden .

The children were fascinated with our look at ant cities. They watched an interesting programme about ants and drew a complete ant city. We watched some ants pulling a dead wood louse into their nest which The Boy absolutely loved and we've found a new appreciation for these tiny creatures which act as one super organism.

They made a very silly owl and took holiday snaps of him around the garden. 

They made birds' nests in the fork of a tree. We're going to see if they stand they test of spring weather .

 We went hunting for owl pellets. We've heard tawny owls nearby and we've found pellets before at the base of our beloved field tree. 

No luck this time! We searched and searched! We did find a cocoon, woodlice, a centipede, spiders, beetles and a teeny tiny ladybird. Maybe next time! 

Our beans are sprouting! 

The Boy has taken his time with reading. All in their own time. 😊 He's coming on beautifully now and he's been reading all about ants this week. 

Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl have worked hard this week. Lots of exams and dissertations completed. 

Back at the lake for the season now means I'm drying wetsuits all over the place again! 

Ballet Girl is away on camp this weekend as a senior cadet helping younger cadets rank up.

Sunbaby is on the mend and has spent a lot of time outside in the sunshine while she heals. 

21 dance classes happened, Taekwondo happened and The Boy's at Freestyle Gym right now while I update my blog! No rest for the wicked.