Friday, 1 June 2018

Half Term and Other Bits

Royal Marines Cadets Corporal Ballet Girl and her Papa, the DC, attended a local civic service.

Lake season and beautiful sunsets. One of mine sailing a pico here. 

I love how contrasting the kiddies' activities are. From cadet camo to pointe shoes.

Monkey Girl successfully completed her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition. 

We've been enjoying looking through old family boxes. This is a stamp collection kept by my Great Grandfather. It is stunning to see original German stamps with Hitler's head on them. 

Sunbaby has been enjoying the garden. 

Panda Girl and The Boy helped Uncle Thomas in his workshop. 

Meeting the newest cousin. 

English Heritage World War 1 and World War 2 Day. The kiddies learnt some wonderful and sad and inspiring and interesting stuff. How indebted we are. 

Punjab Riders, part of WW1 British Expeditionary Force - my great grandfather would have fought alongside these. 

WW1 plane

WW2 armoured car

A rifle from The Somme. 

Nursing in WW1

Armed drill

Reenactment of The Longest Day