Friday, 9 November 2018

Some Extras

The Boy passed his first Tae Kwondo grading!

Panda Girl made this cool no-sew panda cushion for her enormous panda collection :)

These two are best friends

My Sunbaby is discovering and exploring and creating. What a blessing to be able to watch another baby grow in wonder.

We went to a science and arts fayre where Panda Girl learnt how to knit.

And The Boy did some computer programming. He's on the waiting list for coding club.

A beautiful outdoor sort of day with English Heritage

Pine cone kitchen

Precious cousin time

Making lavendar bags for the neighbour

A day out for Mummy and Monkey Girl

Workbooks and baby sister assistance

Sunbaby's first cake

Power boating on the lake

Royal Marines Cadet courses

First Aid badge for Panda Girl

Unit nights are in full swing now the lake season has ended.

Rugby season is also in full swing for The Boy

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh for Monkey Girl

Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl's new school year arrived in a box! Hooray for lovely books.

Two years of homeschooling left for this one.

And three for this one.