Thursday, 31 January 2019

Asia, Part 1

Panda Girl and The Boy are studying Asia! Here's what we've been up to.

We highlighted Asia on our whiteboard map

And drew it whole.

I read aloud the story of Marco Polo to engage the kiddies and fuel an interest in a continent we haven't covered before.

    His story meant we started with China

We learnt some Chinese characters and learnt about pronunciation and accents.

We spent some time reading about and researching about Mount Everest.

And made it out of papier mache

Obviously we then had to make a yeti.

Mount Everest maths

The children made Terracotta Warrior busts out of air drying clay. Panda Girl was sneaky and asked Monkey Girl to help her.

The Boy's

The kiddies had a go at making fortune cookies. Tricky, but they turned out ok!

I showed the kiddies my OLD!! A-level Design project which was based on Chinese jewellery. I wanted them to understand a design process which is not necessarily something we have looked at before.

Map of China with Chinese characters labels

Japan! We sat at a low table and drank green tea, Japanese-style, while we wrote haikus.

We watched a video about Japanese houses.

And compared the syle of Chinese characters to the more flowing style of Japanese characters. Chinese Buddhist monks brought writing to Japan

Drawing kimonos

Comparing the anatomy of  Japanese venemous snakes to non-venemous snakes.

Our Japanese friend is an illustrator

Green tea bowls made from air drying clay

A lap-book about Japan.

Panda Girl studied a little about the Hiroshima nuclear bomb of World War II.

And tried her hand at origami.

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging.

One stem to point to the sky, one stem for the mountains and one stem to the earth.

I love its simplicity.

We extended this theme and tried Japanese art using black, red and nature.


The children compared their own lives with that of a child living in relative poverty in Bangladesh. Eye-opening, sad and important.

We learnt about Monsoons and the widespread devastation they cause, as well as their importance for rice growing in Asia.

We talked about diseases borne from stagnating water after the monsoons.

The children made their own fake stagnant water using things they could find in the kitchen. Just a good way to learn!


We had some fun drawing henna designs. We compared them with Moroccan style designs which we have done before.

Words made out of words

We experimented with Indian Lassi

And wrote down our secret recipes!

Making India out of bread.

Indian food for lunch.

We learnt about Genghis Khan from before he was born until after he had conquered 22% of the world!! The children did a cartoon snapshot of his life.

Understanding how to work our percentages. The kiddies worked out 22% of random numbers.