Sunday, 17 March 2019

Asia, Part 2

Continuing our look at the continent of Asia.

Making a Mongolian rice dish.

A Mongolian yurt for Sunbaby.

We read about the history of troubled North Korea and war-torn Afghanistan. 

The children converted percentages into degrees to make a pie chart about radio programmes in North Korea.

Outline maps of Afghanistan and North Korea 

Making a flour paste to try out Indonesian  Batik Art, a form of resist art.

While they dried we tried alternative resist art forms with oil pastels. 

I think the flour paste ones came out beautifully! 

Cutting up books like rebels to make informations brochures about Thailand and Dubai.

Watching a video about travelling in Thailand.

Indonesia facts and counting to 10 in the National language of Indonesia. 

Painting the flags of the countries we've studied so far. 

Comparing the continent's climates, from the arctic north to the tropical south. 

Locating and mapping Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. We read the history of their troubles during the 20th Century, learning about the roles they played in the wars, revolutions and international relations. We found it sad and distressing. 

Learning how to draw tigers from Thailand. 

Still to come: Ferdinand Magellan's epic voyage around the world and his claim on the Phillipines for the Spanish King Phillip.